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Business Badass


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High Achiever + Unstoppable + Resourceful

C’mon - you didn’t really need to take this quiz to know you’re a business badass! You’ve got this thing down. You have an impressive track record of business wins, client success stories, and now you’re ready to create more passive income opportunities. Or maybe – you’ve tried venturing into passive income land, but it’s been a bust? 


And let me guess:


A lot of what’s being taught online hasn’t been applicable to you or your business model. Instead, it’s very one-size-fits-all approaches and one aspect or another just feels a bit off to you. So, naturally, you’re looking to shake shit up. (Big hell yeah to that, my friend 😉)


You want to go bigger and bolder with your business! Diversify your income streams and finally feel that freedom that everyone is talking about. Random vacations because you want to? More time with family and friends? Making money while sipping a pina colada on the beach?


Yeah, that sounds more like it!

Your Next Steps To Making That Your Reality:


Sound like what you’re trying to create? Click here now to check out Digital Course Partnership! It’s a 12-week program that will allow you to leave with a completed digital course that will not only actually sell and get your students incredible results…you’ll also leave with a plan to scale it. 😉 


Recurring passive income coming in for 6 to 12 months down the road? Let’s get the (crystal) ball rolling and make it happen right here!   

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What makes you magnetic?



When you’ve set your mind to it, you’ll find a way to get it done! It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of when.



You know what your people want, and you always overdeliver because you care deeply about their needs and desires.



Roadblock? What’s that? 



You’ve learned so much since you started your business. Becoming an entrepreneur, has challenged you to grow in so many ways and now you exude wisdom that others look up to!


Hey, I'm Nicole!

First of all, I’m so freaking excited you’re here! Second, before we get any further, let me go ahead and introduce myself! I’m the founder & president of a digital marketing agency, business coach & marketing strategist, helicopter dog mom, certified spooky bitch, & New Orleanian at heart.


My zone of genius is coaching + launch strategy for other coaches & creatives who are ready to steal the show and own the spotlight. Because around here, we like to make an entrance. ;)


Tag me when you share to your story so I can come show you some love and re-share! I can’t wait to see what kind of badass you are!

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