Do any of these words make you feel a little dizzy (no matter how many times you tell yourself you need to figure them out)? 

I see you over there with your Spotify playlist on in the background, your second cup of coffee in hand, and that massive stack of books next to you that you’ll likely never actually get through (it's okay, same...) 


And no matter how many cute new notebooks you buy from TJ Maxx, you still haven’t found the magic blueprint for turning your passion into reliable income.


Well, you are in the right place, my friend.


Here’s where I swoop in with my superwoman cape (that looks surprisingly similar to yoga pants…), because I'm here to help you turn those big dreams of yours into reality!


I’m Nicole, and I serve musicians & creative entrepreneurs (like you!) who are ready to market themselves effectively and increase their impact + income.


I'm here to help you leverage digital marketing so you can make a living doing what you love!

Nicole Riccardo Music Marketing Agency

Interested to know how I got here?

Throw on something comfy and grab a glass of wine, it’s story time!

Growing up, I was always the creative one in my family. If I wasn’t at a watercolor or dance class, I had my headphones on belting out the Spice Girls or Disney songs (now whether my mom wanted to hear A Whole New World for the 500th time is a different story…). And when I got sent to my room? My reply was usually, “Good! I was going in there to read anyway!”


And even though I started piano lessons + joined choir in the first grade and picked up the flute in fourth, it wasn’t until years later… as I sat listening to my best friend play Let It Be on her violin (my favorite song at the time) … that I decided this was what I wanted to do with my life. 


Fast forward through attending a performing arts high school, numerous all-state trips, two performances in Carnegie Hall, a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in flute performance, running a woodwind quintet, a new music commission, some world premieres, touring, and a recording offer from NAXOS (casual) …


I ended up in my own worst nightmare.


A normal 9-5 job.


While my family had always been supportive of my musical career choice they simply weren't in a position to support me financially (and ya girl had bills to pay, ya know what I'm sayin?). 


Thankfully, the owner of the multi-million dollar medical practice I worked at eventually realized I kindaaa had a knack for this whole creative design / marketing / PR thing. Not only did I assist in the front-end design for their website, I got to learn from their big-wig marketing agency that was like something straight outta Mad Men.


I leaned into the excitement marketing and design inspired in me and became a TAD obsessive about learning anything and everything I could (you other type A’s know what I’m talking about!).

I read books. 

I listened to podcasts. 

I took online courses and coaching programs.

I binged YouTube videos and subscribed to more blogs and newsletters than I can count. 


And soon I moved on to other offices where my job was to run their social media marketing and assist in their overall marketing strategy.


But, as a musician not WORKING as a musician, there were many days where I couldn't help but wonder, “What the hell am I doing?”


So I finally decided to leverage all of the branding and marketing strategies I had been honing for years, and combined that with the entrepreneurial skills I developed while running a professional woodwind quintet. 


Whichhhh brings us to today!


I now live a life I never would have imagined was possible for myself.

I have a full private studio with a waiting list.

I travel frequently speaking and performing at universities, festivals, and with orchestras.


But best of all…


I now get to use these digital marketing skills to help other badass musicians & entrepreneurs like Fluterscooter, Flutistry Boston, Dr. Lea Pearson, Pettry Piccolos, and Marina Piccinini - all while serving up my best marketing tips and tricks so you can do it, too!


My calling in life is to help other musicians + creative entrepreneurs create a sustainable and profitable career in this insane industry. Just think of me as your real-talk entrepreneurship + marketing cheerleader/kick in the ass you need. 😘 


I'm so happy the internet helped you find your way on over here, and I can’t wait to help you get out there and turn your big dreams into reality!



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Bachelor's & Master's in Music Performance, Florida State University

Teaching Assistant


Sarasota Orchestra 

Cirque Du Voix Orchestra with Circus Sarasota

Sinfonia Gulf Coast

Ocala Symphony Orchestra

Texas State University Opera

Austin Civic Orchestra

Tallahassee Community Choir

Anna Maria Island Orchestra (featured soloist)


You bet I have!

  • I was invited to tour with renowned singer Josh Groban!

  • I was the first woman to perform as part of the Seven Hills Guitar Festival with Duo NS (flute & guitar).

  • I have been a featured performer at the Florida Flute Association Convention & performed premieres at both the Florida and National Flute Association Conventions. 

  • I was the Founder and Executive Director of Force Majeure Woodwind Quintet. I was awarded grants, commissioned new music, put together a tour of the Southeastern U.S. including guest artist masterclasses and concerts at Mars Hill University and the University of Georgia, AND was offered a recording contract from the prestigious NAXOS music label. Force Majeure was also featured on WFSQ Radio Station.


Love it!

I was invited to lecture on my research at the National Conference for the College Music Society.

I have also done guest residencies on music entrepreneurship at Florida State University, the Austin Flute Festival, and coming up, the Texas Flute Society, the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas A&M University Commerce, and the Boston Flute Festival!


If you follow me on social media, then you already KNOW New Orleans has my heart. After discovering my love for this incredible city, I began a research project in 2014 into the lives and impact of the women jazz musicians from New Orleans' former Storyville District. Since beginning this project, I have made many trips to New Orleans to collect research, and was even named a finalist for the Dianne Woest Fellowship in the Arts and Humanities through the Historic New Orleans Collection.