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Receive direct support & inspiration daily in our FB community, every other week on our group coaching calls, and a full step-by-step curriculum that shows you how to build and grow a business online, today. Take TANGIBLE action to finally get all the pieces and backend systems in place so your business can successfully sell AND sustain digital programs and offers. Because when your business doesn't require you to be in a specific location and your sales come from something that's already created, you have a lot more freedom to do, well, whatever tf you want.

The curriculum was designed to only take 12 weeks to complete, but you get access + support + accountability for the entire year!!


Create Your Career is for the fierce go-getters, who make the choice that every day is an opportunity to architect their own destinies.

It's for those who are determined to weave a narrative that's unapologetically theirs. To be the main character of their own story and live life without playing by someone else's rulebook.

It's for those with a burning drive to not only make an impact just by doing what they already love and are incredible at, but to build an entire career around it. And one where you can finally THRIVE, not just survive.

Create Your Career is for the relentless achievers, who harbor an insatiable drive. Those who recognize that direct access, the invaluable opportunity to brainstorm, strategize, and delineate concrete next steps is not just a bonus — it's the game-changer. They know that a single spark, a solitary piece of feedback, can catalyze quantum leaps within themselves and skyrocket their business trajectories.


“CYC has been a game-changing program for me. I am a musician and started CYC to try and figure out how I could run my own studio and perhaps get out of my 9-5 job (which lucky for me is still arts-related!). However, I am multi-passionate and don’t want to be tied to one thing, and want to do all the things that bring me joy! As I was going through the course, I realized that I wanted to use my passion for wellness and productivity to help other musicians and creatives… so I figured out how to do that. My favorite part of CYC is the community group, where we can just pop in and ask a question and get an answer from Nicole and/or Taylor (the most amazing dynamic duo) pretty quickly. Their feedback is incredibly valuable and they are both super encouraging! It has taken me a long time to feel confident in my business but with their support, I feel like anything is possible.Now I have a good sized studio, a growing wellness program for musicians, and still work at my arts job (all without feeling too overwhelmed—it’s all about the strategy!!). And I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, because the more I follow the strategies taught in CYC, the better it gets!”


-Caitlyn Loweth Rivero, creator of Forging Balance

CYC Testimonial.jpg
CYC Testimonial.jpg
Here’s a quick screen record video walking you through everything you get inside of Create Your Career! 
$20K+ in total value...


  • How many clients do you take on at a time?
    I take on no more than six 1:1 coaching clients at a time
  • How much time does it take to go through the courses?
    All of my course are pre-recorded so you can go through them completely at your own pace!
  • Will I have access to the courses after our contract?
    You will have lifetime access to my course The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy. During the time we are working together, you will also have access to my course Create Your Career as well as my training content on scaling a digital course without using ads or constant launching that is exclusively reserved for my 1:1 clients only.
  • What are some of the things you can help me with?
    Yearly and quarterly marketing plans, developing your brand and brand messaging, content marketing plans, website design and creation, building your product suite and new offer development, sales, pitching for press and brand partnerships, hiring and outsourcing, building systems and processes, and more! If it’s related to marketing, sales, or building a business, I gotchu covered.
  • Can I hire your agency for execution too?
    Absolutely! In fact, most of my 1:1 clients eventually transition to having my agency take on aspects of their social media management or building them out a brand spankin’ new conversion-based website. So not only do you get just me, you have my full team at your fingertips as well!

Hey there!

I'm Nicole

  • I'm Nicole, a professional freelance musician turned marketing badass. I spent 13 years of my life wanting a fulfilling career as a freelance musician, but uh…they didn’t really teach me how to make that happen in school.

  • I got a Master's degree from a competitive music university. I played a ton of auditions and too many gigs and jobs to count. I taught lessons, and hell, I even got offered a record deal from NAXOS, the top classical music record label. I did all the stuff you're supposed to do as a freelancer (and then some, because I'm an overachiever #enneagram3probs).​ And while it looked super glamorous from the outside…I was still barely making ends meet.
    And maybe you’ve been here, too?


  • The thing is…college didn't teach me how to market myself and CREATE paid opportunities. And, spoiler alert, but just being good at your craft is not enough anymore. Oh, you're great at what you do? Get in line, my friend.

Nicole Riccardo.jpg

So a funny thing happened...

Through my own (former) 9-5’s, I worked side-by-side with people in the marketing big leagues…and I loved every minute of it. Learning the strategy, the trial-and-error, but especially seeing the massive results.

And after working with a few multi-million dollar companies (casual), I finally decided it was time for me to stop putting my own dreams on the backburner.

so I jumped!

...head first into creating my own career, that is. I ditched the 9-5 and created a life where I’m EXCITED to wake up each day to inspire, motivate, and coach creative freelancers like YOU to be as BIG as you are...virtually.

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