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Is your website built to convert?

Because let's be honest....


if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars (and hours) building a website, you probablyyyyy want to make sure it's going to bring you traffic and income, yeah?

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And trust me, I get it. This stuff is confusing, and there's a freaking lot to do! 

Even something as simple as the layout of your menu bar or placing your picture on the left side of the screen over the right can have an impact on conversions.

But then there's also the whole matter of... what the heck do you even say?!

And don't even get me started on the legal side of websites.

(Like did you know if you are collecting names and/or emails from people on your website and you don't have a very specific disclaimer you're actually breaking an international law? 😳

But before you have a panic know I gotchu!

of my never-before-released EXACT template for building a high-converting website homepage!

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