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Shadow Work Journaling Prompts for the
Waning Moon Phase

  1. Identify Limiting Beliefs:

    • Prompt: Reflect on a recurring thought or belief that has been holding you back. How has this belief influenced your actions and decisions? Write about its origin and the impact it has had on your growth.

    • Encouragement: Consider the possibility that this belief no longer serves you. What evidence do you have that contradicts this belief? How can releasing it open up new opportunities for you?

  2. Explore Internal Blocks:

    • Prompt: Think about a recent situation where you felt stuck or unable to move forward. What internal fears or doubts arose during this time? Describe these feelings in detail and trace them back to their roots.

    • Encouragement: As you write, visualize gently releasing these fears and doubts. Envision yourself free from these blocks, fully embracing your potential and moving forward with confidence.

  3. Release and Transform:

    • Prompt: What are three beliefs or ideas you’ve held about yourself that you feel are no longer true or helpful? Write them down and explore how they have affected your self-perception and actions.

    • Encouragement: Imagine each belief as a physical object you can let go of. Write about the process of releasing these beliefs and transforming them into empowering affirmations. How does this new perspective change your view of your potential?

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