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How To Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Have you ever heard the phrase “Instagram engagement rate” and wondered wtf that even means?

Don’t worry, I gotchu.

Instagram engagement rate refers to the percentage of your TOTAL following that is engaging with your account (via likes, comments, shares, or saves).

You can measure the engagement rate of an individual post OR of your account as a whole.

If you’re measuring the engagement rate of an individual post, this is going to take into account any likes, comments, sends/shares, and saves that the post received. And if you’re measuring the engagement rate of your account overall, you’re basically going to average up the engagement of your last X many posts, and voila.

When doing the engagement rate for your account overall, I like to factor in the previous month of posts, but you can do your engagement rate for the past week, 6 months, year even - whatever floats your boat!

The formula for calculating your engagement rate is


Andddd just for good measure, let’s go through an example, too.

Let’s calculate the engagement on an individual post.

If you have a personal profile, you’ll just count up all your comments and add that to your likes.

If you have a business or creator profile, click “View Insights” so we can add in the shares and saves, as well. Add up all the numbers circled in red.

So this totals 363.

My current follower count at the time of writing this post is 4,932.

So if I divide 363 by 4,932 then X by 100, I get...


That means that 7.36% of my total audience engaged with this post in some form.

And in case you’re wondering what kind of numbers you should be aiming for, here are the baselines that I personally use for myself and my clients:

Industry average on what is considered “good” is a 2-3% engagement rate.

However, I personally like to see it between 5-10%.

Wondering how to get that engagement UP? Don’t worry, I got you covered there with my Instagram Playbook! It comes with tips on how to build real relationships with your followers, caption party starters, a hashtag strategy that will help you get in front of new clients and so much more! Get immediate access to my IG Playbook here!

Love, Nicole


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