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Private Music Studio Handbook:

Template + Guide



Imagine running a private music studio full of your ideal students who:

  • practice regularly 

  • always pay you on time

  • show up to lessons eager and ready to learn.

Imagine running a stress-free studio where your primary job is focusing on showing up and teaching to the best of your ability. 

All of these things are possible if you have a studio handbook that clearly defines your studio policies and expectations. 


This digital download will give you the EXACT template of the handbook that I use for my private music studio PLUS a guide containing my personal tips and recommendations to help walk you through everything (and how to actually make it)!


I have spent the past ten years perfecting this handbook and customizing it based on all of the circumstances and situations we music teachers may be faced with. 


I will also let you in on the secret recipe to successfully introducing a handbook (to both new and current students), plus making sure it is signed, sealed, and delivered BEFORE your very first lesson! Oh, and that finger-crossing you do every month hoping you get paid on time? That is a thing of the past, my friend.


You can choose to stick with your current handbook (or no handbook at all 😱) and accept the students who show up unprepared for lessons, crossing your fingers that they remember to pay you, and having awkward conversations with parents...




Let me be your fairy godmother and save you time (like...years of experience time) and make your life a whollleeee lot easier with this template and guide!

Taylor Rossi Headshot.jpg

Nicole Riccardo's Music Studio Handbook is an absolute necessity for any new or current private teachers. The tips she provides are incredibly comprehensive and have saved me from having to go through my own trial-and-error process. This resource allows you to swiftly take care of business and get right to the most important focus: educating!



The 13-page handbook that I use for my private studio PLUS a 33-page guide that will save you YEARS of learning by telling you everything I know!

A step-by-step guide on how to introduce a handbook to new students and how to switch your current students from no contract to contract!

A simple formula to effectively handle tough conversations with ease!

Guidance on increasing your prices!

My personal tips & explanations for every single section of the handbook!

A 2-page worksheet for creating your teaching philosophy!

Over 20 ideas on additional services you can offer to boost your income!

10 full pages dedicated to payment policies plus exact email scripts for declined payments, expired payments, strategically worded invoicing emails that avoid late payments, reminder emails, and 2 late payment emails!

The exact resources I used to create a beautifully designed and branded studio handbook!


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