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You’re a Master in your craft.. It’s time to become a Master in Positioning so you can finally start Selling Out Your Offers CONSISTENTLY on Instagram™

Introducing The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy.


A program designed to untangle your current marketing strategy and ACTUALLY help you sell out your offer on Instagram™ consistently.

Attract Your Exact Dreamboat Followers Who Become Paid Clients

Create yawn-free Content That Consistently Converts

Finally Sell Out Your Offers without sacrificing your ethics

Are you tired of hearing your peers talk about their 4 or 5-figure months on Instagram while you’re still struggling with your engagement strategy?

What also doesn’t help is that most of the education around Instagram marketing is vague and outdated…

“Just post valuable content on Instagram…” they say.

“You just have to show up more….” they say.

“If I can do it, so can you…” they say.

Here's the reality, though...

This recycled information has led us to realize that:

A one size fits all marketing plan simply doesn’t work when it comes to creating sales on Instagram.

Trying to go viral is not a reliable lead source for ideal clients.

The old copy/paste IG programs out there leave you with a few more followers but no change in income..want to know why?


You need a proven Instagram marketing strategy that will allow you to:


Attract your exact dreamboat clients - not just collect followers


Experience business growth via brand awareness & become the go-to expert in your industry


Sell out your offers like magic and increase your bank account regularly


There’s a BIG difference between an Instagram course AND an Instagram marketing course that helps you Sell Out Your Offer….

So, imagine a course that is designed to help you...

Nail down your niche - it’s crystal clear and you’ve never felt more excited to market your offer. So clear, actually, that creating content is a breeze. You’re overflowing with ideas, and the best part is, the content you’re creating is so aligned with your ideal audience that your Instagram following is growing rapidly, but not just for vanity...these are potential, interested clients and customers.


The results don’t stop there, though. Because you’re so aligned with their needs and ability to solve their problems with your valuable content, they’re booking your service or buying your product left and right - AKA you’re sold out. I’ve seen it happen with my clients overnight, my friend.

Psst..this could be your reality.


IG Academy Logo in White.png

I know you want to market your biz and sell out your offer on Instagram, but the problem is you lack a proven strategy that will help get you there. This leaves you feeling frustrated, defeated, and overwhelmed as you show up day by day and shout into the proverbial Instagram “void”.


Even though you have clients and sales here and there, the lack of consistency with how much work you’re putting in is starting to wear on you. Even after all those trainings you watched and the hours you put into honing your craft, you still seem to be getting buried in the feed. I see you over there wondering, ‘‘It’s been months.....can I actually get predictable clients who are ready to join my offer from Instagram without selling my soul?"


I hear your inner skeptic saying no, but the honest truth is it doesn’t have to be that way!


In fact, that’s exactly why I’ve focused on a course that merges the two things you need to make money on Instagram no matter what size your following is: marketing + sales.


Because, like you, I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re ever going to get this growing your biz on Instagram thing figured out. Even worse… if you don’t, how will you be able to make more money? Don’t panic.


Those are no longer things you have to worry about. You’re actually minutes away from experiencing the freedom and confidence that comes with having and implementing my proven marketing + sales strategy.



phase one:


If people don’t know you, your business, or your offer even exist - they can’t hire you. That’s exactly why this very first section is focused on getting visible aka time to Perfect your unique IT factor that brings in passive views from your exact ideal clients. We’ll use the 3 Layer Exercise to pass the 10 second test to turn passive views into followers that connect so deeply they comment “just @ me next time this is so me” with credit card in hand.

phase two:


Optimize your entire Instagram strategy for maximum results by knowing exactly what’s working for your specific account, along with the 30 Minute Game Change Engagement Routine. Using my proprietary formula: The Audience Attraction Method, we’ll build out your brand’s content pillars, hone in on writing captivating captions via storytelling, curate your feed in a way that makes a lasting impression (aka they’ll hit “follow”), and bonus sections in this module that will help you become memorable on IG and teach you how to create professional-style content. This section will leave your ideal clients and customers so connected to your biz that they’ll wonder where you’ve been all their lives.


phase three:



Cancel the vanity metric movement, and enter into the age of authentic and enjoyable content creation that strategically leads your audience to paid clients FOR you (for real). I'm not here for vanity metrics, I'm here to teach you how to use Instagram as a tool to consistently generate profit in your business. In this section, you’re not just going to learn how to find and attract new followers & engagement, but experience it with those who actually want to become a part of your community and turn into raving fans and repeat buyers. We’ll overcome your fears and confusion with the algorithm, implement organic growth and engagement strategies, find the best hashtags for your biz, and teach you how to use your analytics to optimize your content and make it even more impactful.

phase four:


This is the pillar where sales are MADE. From uncovering your specific offer attraction strategies to creating a backend sales system that brings you cash like clockwork, you’ll finally learn the verified strategies to actually selling out offers on Instagram™ ...without any of the gatekeeping. In this section, we’ll focus on building out your irresistible offer, monetization opportunities, how to generate and capture leads, your DM sales strategy, ads, and more. You’ll walk away from this section no longer scratching your head in frustration over how your peers have been having 4 and even 5-figure months behind the scenes, and turning that into your own reality. Because you deserve to make a good living doing what you love!


Plus, you’ll get your hands on my bonus, money-making & increased visibility IG hacks.

Although Instagram is a great place to market and sell what you do, you can’t be spending all your time on the app, right? That’s why I’ve included this bonus to help you save time AND make money.

Why the Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy?

My Signature Sell Out Your Offer system will help you overcome the most common Instagram marketing struggles such as...


How to attract quality followers that actually convert to paying clients


Avoiding coming off or feeling "too salesy" when promoting your offer


How to get consistent engagement


Getting people to leave Instagram™ & book your offer on your website/sales page

How to create & deliver scroll-stopping content

Wondering what the secret sauce to IG marketing & sales is / if "you're doing it right"



Enroll in The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy


Get instant access to proven strategy & apply it to your biz


Have your biz consistently grow (for real) while selling out your offer on Instagram™

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Everything you do on Instagram™  should help you position & sell out your offer...

Hey there, I’m Nicole, your Instagram Marketing + Sales Guide. I help biz owners just like you sell out their offers on Instagram because you deserve to earn a good living doing what you love. However, as a creative and once solopreneur, I know the road to that kind of success can be a little overwhelming and frustrating. That’s when I learned how to use Instagram to market and sell what I do, and everything changed. By using my Sell Out Your Offers system, I was able to leave my 9 to 5 in August 2018, and have since built a 6-figure business! If I could, I’d take my hands off this keyboard, take your face in my hands, and let you know that this is more than possible for you, too. In fact, you’re minutes away from experiencing the marketing and sales strategy you’ve been missing. Don’t waste another second. Let’s do this.



Flutistry Boston Logo.jpg



Elyse Tolles

Artist & Small Business Owner | Elysian Theory

I was recently approached by a very large company that wanted to partner with me for content creation and advertising, and when they asked for my rates, I panicked! As an artist, maker, and micro-influencer, I had very little idea of what to expect or say when going into rate discussions with a major corporation like this for the first time. Nicole gave me down-to-earth, practical advice, tips on what sort of language to use in negotiations, and a realistic assessment of how much I should be charging for my knowledge and time. Thanks to her, I was able to negotiate with confidence and secure an almost $10,000 brand partnership. I feel SO much more prepared for potential future partnerships now. Thank you, Nicole!


Dr. Chelsea Tanner

Mindset Coach for Musicians

Before joining this program I always felt lost in terms of what to do with my flute account on social media. I didn’t realize that it could end up making me money immediately when I decided to launch my first program (and I mean within hours of posting on my story!). For my first ever promotion, even with only 2,300 Instagram followers, I was able to generate $3,350! Nicole gave tangible to-do’s, very concrete actions, and I just followed them. My average growth per week is 100 new followers, even when I'm in promotion mode! Now feel like I have a direction for my business and the tools to literally create my own career.


Adam Pettry

Flute & Piccolo Maker | Pettry Piccolos

When I crunched the numbers, I saw that I had a 2000% ROI, I couldn’t believe it! This girl is worth her weight in gold!


Erika Martinez

Private Flute Teacher

My studio size literally doubled overnight (not an exaggeration, it literally DOUBLED overnight - I’m screaming!)

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Who the Instagram Sales & Marketing Academy Is For:

The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy will work for....


Personal Brands

wanting to

monetize their



Service Based



Creatives looking to

get paid for their



Side Hustler & Entrepreneurs


Within seconds of enrolling in the course you’ll get immediate access to everything you need to understand and implement your Instagram Marketing & Sales Strategy including:

30+ video trainings (valued at $2,500)

4 bonus guest video trainings by experts 

6+ worksheets/handouts

My list of top 22 ways & resources for finding content ideas

My list for the 8 best apps for creating Instagram stories

A list of my 16 favorite keywords for finding awesome gifs for Instagram stories

Access to the Google spreadsheet I use for hashtag research for myself and my clients

A 17-page hashtag workbook

4 pages of caption party starters



Enroll in the



for only


  • Lifetime Access to the last IG Program You’ll Ever Need

  • Ongoing Updates to Ensure you’re always ‘in the know’ about what to do with Instagram™ 

  • Access to my LIVE intimate group to get feedback on post creation, sales ideas and everything else you need to sell out your offer!

Payment Plan

6 monthly payments

of $90

  • Lifetime Access to the last IG Program You’ll Ever Need

  • Ongoing Updates to Ensure you’re always ‘in the know’ about what to do with Instagram™ 

  • Access to my LIVE intimate group to get feedback on post creation, sales ideas and everything else you need to sell out your offer!

Enroll Now


“I already have a crazy

schedule, how much

time will this require?”

I totally feel you. That’s exactly why I designed this course to be completely self-paced! The trainings are all pre-recorded and ready to go whenever you are. Once you enroll, I do recommend setting aside at least a few hours each week to go through lessons and begin implementing right away. This will help make sure you’re making consistent moves towards your goal of selling out your offers using Instagram!

“How is this different than other Instagram programs”

I’m glad you asked! Most Instagram programs teach you things like how to optimize your bio, how to take pretty pictures, and how to write great captions. And yes, this program will teach you those things, too, but, it will show you how to do all of that from a more strategic place so that way you can speak directly to, and therefore attract, your exact ideal followers. But the part that sets this program apart is the final phase, where I hand over all of my marketing and sales strategies that have helped me use Instagram to monetize for both service and product-based businesses. So yeah, you’ll learn how to create awesome content, but I’m also going to show you how to use that content to make money and grow your business!

“I already have an offer that I’ve launched a few times and I feel pretty solid with my marketing for it, but my sales on Instagram just aren’t quite as reliable as I’d like. Will this still be able to help me?”

This program was actually built specifically for you! This course will not only show you how to attract more quality followers that convert, it will hand over my exact marketing & sales strategies that I’ve used for multi-million dollar businesses, as well as to grow my own business from nothing to six figures+. There are no fluffy strategies that you could’ve gotten from a quick Google search in here - this is course is the culmination of years of experience spent in the weeds and a wholeeee lotta trial and error to get things just right. I did the hard work and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to! Just think of this program as a much cheaper option to hiring your own personal Instagram conversion consultant to keep in your back pocket. 

“Who is this program NOT for?”

If you’re looking for a one-on-one business coach and lots of hand-holding, this is not the program for you. While I do hand over lots of cheat sheets, templates, and workbooks, this program is for action-takers who are willing to get in there and do the work. We all know that there are no “easy” buttons in life and in business, and this is no exception. My team and I have invested a lot of time and love into setting you up with every advantage possible, but at the end of the day, you can’t outsource your pushups. However, if you’re ready to dive in and make shit happen, then I’m going to be here handing over every resource I can to help you make it happen! Ready to get this party started? Right this way!

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