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A 4-month masterclass series to help you increase your income by finally pulling back the curtains on the insider secrets to launching like a marketing pro

Good news is, with over 13 years of experience working in marketing with everyone from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar companies, I’m here to break down all the best-gatekept-secrets to not only planning out launches that bring in thousands, but also making them fun af for you and your people!


Having multi 5-figure launches? 6-figure programs? Multi 6-figure years? My clients do this on repeat, and it doesn’t happen by accident.


It happens because we strategically reverse-engineer their launches to ensure they hit their goals.

Let me guess…


  • You have a program or two but it still feels like you’re having to work so hard for every single sale.

  • You see people on Instagram effortlessly selling out their programs while you’re left wondering what the secrets are to actually doing that.

  • You love a good launch but at the end of the day, you’d also love to learn strategies to sell more on the backend of your business so you don’t have to do constant promotion.

Nicole Riccardo.jpeg

Are you over there right now like, “Um, okay, Nicole, get out of my head…”


Here’s How It Works:

I will be hosting a monthly masterclass on a launch-related topic during June, July, August, and September 2022.

Each class will be 60-90 minutes of training, followed by a 30-minute Q&A. Ever wish you could pick my brain? Here’s your chance. ;)

You can purchase a masterclass individually OR you can bundle all 4 together for the price of 3. To maximize your launching experience, I highly recommend enrolling in all four!


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June 13th, 10 AM CST: The 5 Biggest Mistakes You're Making Causing You To Lose Thousands With Your Launch


If your sales aren’t where you want them to be with your launches, you might be making one of these BIG mistakes. In this masterclass, I’ll be talking about everything from your messaging to your marketing plan to your IG Stories.


July 8th, 10 AM CST: How To Get More People In Your Courses With Your Launch


You don’t need magic to get more people into your courses. You just need the right launch strategies!


August 12th, 10 AM CST: The Ticket To Pre-Launching


The success of your launch is directly related to how well you warm up your audience and build excitement BEFORE you launch. In this masterclass, we’re doing a deep dive into the pre-launch phase so you know exactly how to effectively tease and hype your offers.


September 9th, 10 AM CST: Backend Sales Secrets for Passive Income

I passively sold 13 spots for my April masterclass series *before* I even launched it. Want to know how I did it? And how YOU can do it, too? We’re going over alllll the ways you can work smarter and not harder with your launches: upsells, downsells, building your product suite for customer retention, and more!


“For my first ever promotion, even with only 2,300 Instagram followers, I was able to generate $4,850! Nicole gave tangible to-do’s, very concrete actions, and I just followed them. My average growth per week is 100 new followers, even when I’m in promotion mode! Now I feel like I have a direction for my business and the tools to literally create my own career.”

“When I crunched the numbers, I saw that I had a 2000% ROI, I couldn’t believe it! This girl is worth her weight in gold! Nicole is so good at what she does, that it’s like she sits there printing money. When she says to do something, I try to do it as soon as I’m able. Tell me to jump? I don’t even ask how high. I jump. That’s how much I trust her."

Adam Pettry

CEO, Pettry Piccolos

Dr. Chelsea Tanner

Mindset Coach

“Nicole is a natural teacher. She is clear, concise, articulate, leaves lots of space for questions, and draws from personal experience to make the information relatable. I am so impressed with the easy way that she makes marketing concepts understandable - even to business newbies like me! Learning from her is an experience that will permanently impact my concept of business and self."

“The best thing I’ve done in years was do this course. If you’re umming and ahhhing do it! Invest in this course for yourself and your career, it is brilliant!”

Nikki Warrington

Flute Instructor

Claire Howard

Co-Founder, Yoga For All Musicians

Grab a Masterclass!

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Bundle All 4 Masterclasses + Save $27!

(Buy 3, Get One Free!)


Buy September’s Masterclass Only



You have q’s? I have a’s!

Will I have lifetime access to the classes?



What if I can’t make a class live?

Totally no worries! All classes will be recorded.


Where will the classes be hosted?

All classes will be live Zoom calls that way we can chat it out in real time at the end for our Q&A portion!


Will I get any 1:1 access to you?

Yes! Every masterclass will have 30-minutes of Q&A time at the end. Have a q? Just ask! And you’ll get direct feedback from me personally. :)

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