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5 Must-Have Apps to Crush It on Instagram


It’s a freaking pain sometimes, amiright?

I completely understand the struggle. It can be frustrating trying to keep up with an app that is constantly evolving and updating.

There are so many messages out there giving us conflicting information:

Post daily, but make sure everything you post is professional-quality photography with a heartfelt caption.

Be yourself, but make sure you look like a model.

Your feed aesthetic needs to be flawless, but it’s important to show that your life isn’t actually perfect.

That’s enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel!

But the thing is...Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. This little app had a massive impact in allowing me to create my own career! It has been my marketing tool, tribe builder, and has helped me to attract my ideal clients directly to me. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

So hold on just a tad longer, friend, because I want to help you overcome the insta-dread.

5 Must-Have Instagram Apps I

I created a free downloadable guide to show you some of


This guide will walk you through 5 must-have apps that I use for myself and for my business. As more and more users jump on the Instagram bandwagon, the bar for feed aesthetics, photography, captions, and even stories has been continually pushed higher and higher. And it’s freaking stressful trying to keep up!

That is exactly why I was so excited to create this guide for you.

These tools I’m about to share? They have helped me to streamline my process, maintain cohesiveness, and have been a huge help in taking out the stress and overwhelm. Because stressed work is never my best work (and I don’t think I’m the only one).

At the end of the day, Instagram is just an app on your phone.

No one is sitting there all day refreshing your feed.

No one is judging you if you didn’t get a post up today.

And no one is messaging you about your feed color scheme and how that random orange sign in the background of one photo accidentally threw it off.

It’s easy to get caught up in the overthinking and feeling like there is some magical code that you have yet to crack. But the reality is your feed is a chance to share your voice, your message, and your story with people around the world. And that means making your feed as unique as you are.

So let’s take away the stress and infuse some fun back into Instagramming!

If you have any questions, comments, or other topics you would like me to cover, please send me a message here. I would love to hear from you!

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Thank you for reading!



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