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Savvy Self-Starter


Motivated + Leader + Ambitious

Unclench your jaw. Relax your shoulders. Do some hand/finger stretches. Let me guess – you’re reading this on mobile. Was I right? You’re always plugged in. Working to build your business. Chatting it up with leads in the DMs. You’ve never been afraid of the hustle but sometimes, you get lost in it. You go to do something else on your phone and find yourself on IG. And speaking of IG – you love the idea of content that converts, but your content isn’t converting like you think it should. You’ve followed all the rules. You hashtag. You engage. You post to stories. But you still have crickets.


Or worse – you’ve been friend-zoned by your potential clients!

Your Next Steps:


Ready for the fix so you can kick this no-results cycle that’s happening on repeat? The Instagram Marketing & Sales Academy! Steal all the strategies I use inside of my own marketing agency, NR Media, so you can consistently sell out your offers using Instagram without needing a massive audience in order to do it!

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What makes you magnetic?



Everyone seems to try so hard to show up “authentic” but with you, everyone knows you don’t have to try. You are who you are and your followers love you for it. What you see is what you get!



You’re never short of ideas or new approaches to solve your client’s problems.



You were setting and reaching “SMART” goals before there was ever a label on them. You’ve always been a high achiever and you really do love your work.



Your confidence is contagious! People love being around you because you believe in them and in yourself which makes confidence and belief in themselves easier, too.


Hey, I'm Nicole!

First of all, I’m so freaking excited you’re here! Second, before we get any further, let me go ahead and introduce myself! I’m the founder & president of a digital marketing agency, business coach & marketing strategist, helicopter dog mom, certified spooky bitch, & New Orleanian at heart.


My zone of genius is coaching + launch strategy for other coaches & creatives who are ready to steal the show and own the spotlight. Because around here, we like to make an entrance. ;)

What to do next:


A digital detox.

Call me crazy, but for you – the Savvy Self-Starter – you need to create some space for creativity! Slow down, and step off the hustle for a sec. Challenge yourself to a few hours (starting small here) of old fashioned pen-to-paper brainstorming. 


Write down what types of content you’re most interested in consuming online, and maybe also what things you see people spew on the internet that get you reeeeeally riled up…and why you think that is. 

Then, keep your eyes peeled for more Savvy Self-Starter content marketing tips over the next couple of days straight to your inbox ;) 


Tag me when you share to your story so I can come show you some love and re-share! I can’t wait to see what kind of badass you are!

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Screenshot + Share In Your IG Stories!

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