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Ready to Make a Living + Impact Doing What You Love WITHOUT Having to Take Low-Paying Jobs You Hate & Working Insane Hours?





A year-long membership program designed to walk you through a step-by-step method for branding yourself & leveraging your online audience so that you can market + pitch like a pro!

Whether you're an established freelancer who is currently stuck in "the grind" or a brand new freelancer looking to avoid the dreaded Freelancing Hamster Wheel, Create Your Career shows you how to build your career by building a digital presence - so you can get back to doing what you do best!


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Soon-to-be freelancers who are dying to launch a business and get it right the first time (and AVOID the Freelancing NO Life)

Freelancers working 6 or even 7 days a week, and struggling to pay bills as you piecemeal together a bunch of jobs that drain you

Someone who wants to learn how to make your craft the CORNERSTONE of your work while phasing out of an insane schedule, low-paying clients, and even a day job


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Create Your Career is a year-long journey through a series of modules delivered in written and video format. Even though the program can be completed in only ten weeks, you have access for an entire year. This allows you to go at your own pace while you interact with other creative freelancers who are on the same path. 


You can also count on personal feedback from me on our bi-weekly group coaching calls as you work through assignments designed to build your fabulous new digital presence from top to bottom. I will personally guide you in thinking through what it takes to take your budding freelancing gig out of obscurity - so you can attract and impact many more of the clients you love serving the most.

And the good news is, I'll adopt you. Like, forever.

Once you’re part of the CYC fam, you’re always part of the CYC fam.


i'm nicole

  • I'm Nicole, a freelance-musician-turned-branding-and-marketing-badass. I spent 13 years of my life wanting a fulfilling career as a freelance musician, but didn't know how to make it happen.


  • I got a Master's degree from a competitive music university. I played a ton of auditions and too many gigs and jobs to count. I worked the 9-5. I did all the stuff you're supposed to do as a freelance musician (and then some...because I'm an overachiever).​ And it did NOTHING.


  • College didn't teach me how to market myself and CREATE opportunities by leveraging things like social media and pitching. Just being good at your craft is NOT ENOUGH anymore. Oh, you're a great musician? Get in line, my friend.

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sound familiar?

If so, then you probably also know what it feels like to...

Know what your zone of genius is...but you're terrified to commit to doing it full time because you're not sure if it'll pay all your bills, and you don't want to end up working so hard that you start hating the thing you once loved

Be stuck sitting in a chair 8-12 hours a day trying to keep up with an ever-growing workload knowing you're charging far too little just to keep the business rolling because nobody knows who you are (yet)


Dread the morning commute to a 9-5 mostly soul-sucking job that you've outgrown...all the while daydreaming about how you could actually get paid to do your zone of genius work for a living

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So a funny thing happened...

...head first into creating my own career, that is. I ditched the 9-5 and created a life where I am EXCITED to wake up each day to inspire, motivate and train creative freelancers like YOU to be as BIG as you are...virtually.

My own (former) dreaded 9-5 job gave me an unusual opportunity to work with their marketing agency. Turns out that marketing agency was straight outta Mad Men. I got to roll with the big boys in the marketing and advertising big leagues, and I loved every minute of it! 


Blending my newfound skills with what turned out to be a whole lotta genius, an eye clinic with a lot of ambition became an industry powerhouse in a city where it's no longer easy to stand out.

and then i jumped!

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In an effort to make Create Your Career as accessible as possible, 3 full BIPOC scholarships are available each round. The scholarship submissions and recipients will be reviewed and selected by a panel of BIPOC judges.

Applications are currently closed.

Would you like to contribute to the scholarship fund?

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