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CYC is a year-long digital membership program for creative freelancers who want to build a thriving business based on their zone of genius work.


To become known for your genius work requires visibility - specifically, a carefully thought out and executed digital presence that attracts your exact ideal audience, clients, and opportunities directly TO you.


Create Your Career walks you through a step-by-step system to discover how best to present yourself online, and also provides you with the direct support and feedback you need to fully execute it.

and listen...
helping badasses like you take their big ideas and turn it into a sustainable business is MY zone of genius work.
Let me take the trial and error and the mystery OUT of it FOR you!
who is it for?

Whether you want to ditch your 9 to 5 and launch a freelancing business right the first time, finally exit the Freelancing NO Life of long hours and low pay, OR you want to make your craft the core of your freelancing business, Create Your Career will show you how to:

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  • clearly define your ideal audience

  • build a magnetic branding 

  • create a clearly defined content strategy

  • validate profitability

  • confidently communicate what you do and offer

  • build a website that converts

  • tell compelling stories

  • attract your dream clients & opportunities

  • choose the best social media platforms for you

  • understand those crazy algorithms and metrics

  • instantly connect with your audience

  • generate engagement quickly and easily

  • build relationships that turn into money

  • master the art of a great pitch

Module 2: Build Your Brand
  • The Branding "No Go" List: Why most freelancers end up wasting thousands on a "re-brand" (Hint: Most branding "specialists" have a Former Client Branding Graveyard they aren't telling you about)
  • The ABC's of a Profitable Niche: How to choose yours right from the start, or how to aim your niche effectively if you've already chosen one
  • Why "choose your audience by choosing the problem you solve for them" is the worst marketing advice ever (a.k.a. how to ensure you'll always have plenty of offers to make via your new digital presence)
  • Elements of Magnetism: How to craft a digital presence that sells what your audience truly wants...and successfully converts the most ideal clients so you can deliver your magic on the inside
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Module 1: Freelancing Freedom Foundations
  • “The Work Hard” Lifestyle vs. “The Big Easy” Lifestyle (or how to thrive vs. barely survive as you make your way toward the Freelancing Freedom Life)
  • The Proverbial Income Straddle: How to secure an income while you're building a Freelancing Freedom Life (Newsflash: A business that isn't funded isn't a business, it's a never-ending hobby)
  • The reason why 80% or more of freelancers never exit the Freelancing NO Life...and how you can avoid being one of those statistics
  • The #1 most neglected aspect of the Freelancing Freedom Life journey (a.k.a. how to avoid the inevitable burnout that results in quitting the pursuit altogether)
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Module 3: Websites That Convert
  • Website Vitals: A definitive list of what to include (and what to ditch) when crafting an audience-grabbing digital presence
  • Three not-so-common tricks for building a website that not only attracts ideal visitors, but converts them once you've got em (the longer they stay, the more they pay!)
  • Casting A Spell: The strategies behind an About page that turns curious visitors into eager subscribers
  • Website keyword advice that doesn't suck...the what, why and how of being both discoverable and engaging in the search engines
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Module 4: Social Media Mastery
  • The "Social Media Is A Time Suck" Discussion: A tackling and dismantling of the #1 misunderstanding that is keeping you and your genius work stuck in perpetual obscurity
  • What "authenticity" and "telling the truth" online really looks like (and how to execute it without feeling like you just took a cold shower)
  • Perfect Platform Picker: Visibility is long as it matches your niche, your audience, your goals...and what you're actually going to stick to
  • Content Sorcery: How to create a genius content strategy, deploy it online...with plenty of room to keep your craft a priority
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Module 5: Pitching & Negotiating: How To Make Shit Happen
  • A step-by-step method for crafting a kick-ass pitch for any opportunity you've been wanting access to
  • The ins and outs of growing and establishing a powerful network of contacts you can leverage to help expand your genius work in the world
  • Keep or Toss: How to assess any opportunity that comes your way (there will be plenty of them) so you'll know which ones are worth your attention, time and effort
  • Contract Negotiation Secrets: How to keep from getting screwed, particularly if pitching and negotiating are new areas for you
Here’s a quick screen record video walking you through everything you get inside of Create Your Career! 

Have questions? Need to brainstorm? Want your copy reviewed or website audited? The reason you have an entire year of support in this program is because I not only want to teach you these concepts & strategies....I want you to implement them. 


And while you're on the road to making shit happen, my team and I are here to support and cheer you on along the way! You are NOT in this alone.

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Brand Messaging Workbook
A thorough dive into every aspect that directly impacts your digital presence including your mission, vision, brand history, brand future, competitor landscape...and much more.
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Website Copy Template Suite
A website creator's dream that includes a step-by-step copywriting blueprint for your primary four website pages PLUS the legal pages required by international law.
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Plug 'n Play Pitch Templates
Ever wondered how to pitch for a specific opportunity? Look no further. Templates include pitching for clients, brand partnerships, press coverage, media coverage, guest speaking spots, podcast guest spots and more.

This program is for serious go-getters who are ready to dive in and make shit happen. I’m confident if you do the work, you will get enormous benefit from the experience. And I’m happy to back that up with my happiness guarantee.


If you get stuck at any point during the program, I will personally help you troubleshoot and get back on track. I am personally invested in your success, so I want to make sure you are taking action and implementing so you can see the results you’re looking for.

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Yes, Nicole!
I'm 100% committed and ready to build an amazing digital presence and create a Freelancing Freedom Life this year. Please secure my spot!


Enrollment opens on October 3rd! Come back then to join CYC and make shit happen! 

In an effort to make Create Your Career as accessible as possible, 3 full BIPOC scholarships are available each round. The scholarship submissions and recipients will be reviewed and selected by a panel of BIPOC judges.

Applications are currently closed.


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